Family Services

The Family Services component emphasizes the role of parents as their child’s first and most important advocate. Family Services build relationships with families that support family well-being and positive parent-child relationships. In addition Family Service helps families to connect to peers and community, engage in transitions and become leaders. SERVICES OFFERED: • Offer parents opportunities…


The Education component of Head Start ensures that children receive the highest quality of early childhood education. Our staff is highly qualified, caring, and enthusiastic. Our main priority is to provide a caring, safe and joyful learning environment that prepares our students for kindergarten and instills a love of lifelong learning.

Early Head Start

Early Head Start & Head Start The Early Head Start Program offers comprehensive child development services to low income pregnant mothers and families with infants and young children, birth to age 3. The Early Head Start home-based program supports children and their families through 90 minute home visits, once a week, and group socializations experiences,…

Health and Nutrition Program

The Health and Nutrition component of Head Start connects with families to ensure that children are on a schedule of well child care, including medical and dental. It engages children and families and exposes them to a variety of foods to promote a well-balanced diet mingled with movement/exercise. The Health and Nutrition component is goal oriented to produce an outcome that “children are happy and healthy when they begin the kindergarten journey”.

Disability Services

Disability Services Teaching appropriate Social practices help prepare children for school readiness and social responsibility throughout their lives. Our program support families by helping them understand appropriate/inappropriate behaviors and making connection with the community for those needing extra support. Families of children with disabilities or suspected disabilities are supported by program and other community partners…